Fine Art & Design

I am a Mixed Media Artist & Designer specialising in Drawing, Painting, Embroidery, Textiles, Sculpture, Fashion & Film. I create work that moves between the realms of Fine Art & Design. I am currently doing a masters at The Royal College of Art, London.

My practice explores the poetics of life, the power, beauty & deep mysteries of Nature & how we as humans connect -or disconnect- with the world around us & its inhabitants. I create work as a visual metaphor, a story, to symbolise these bonds & experiences & to provoke thought & passion.

I am fascinated with the eternal cycle of life & death, the gentle beauty & intense horror that can be found within each & I try to create this balance of light & dark within my work. I am inspired by ancient understandings of Nature within mythology & folklore as well as our comprehension today, through science, philosophy & culture.

My pieces explore combinations of natural forms including figurative, anatomical, botanical & landscape. My style fuses academic & abstract elements, it is crucial to me to always be extending the mastery of my skills & craftsmanship in tandem with growing my ideas & mindfulness to allow a freedom & expression in my making.